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In an attempt to give our local membership an opportunity to support RTOERO PAC Committee,

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RTOERO’s advocacy approach: relationship building

Fostering positive relationships is key to RTOERO’s organizational advocacy approach. We’re non-partisan, so we connect with all levels of government and across all party lines. Our approach to government relations is aligned with RTOERO’s values and brand personality—caring, inclusive and optimistic.

We press the issue, not the person. We focus on systemic issues, rather than perceived individual/party failures or flaws.

We aim to be the non-profit organization that decision-makers from all parties think of when they want to consult on topics. We want them to be willing to meet with us – and maintaining positive relationships is central to that aim.

We don't participate in protests as an organization. Members are absolutely able to attend as individuals—even together with other individuals who are also RTOERO members—but not to display RTOERO branding, as that can lead to the impression that the organization is participating in the protest. Participating as individuals doesn’t detract from the impact of your participation. It’ll prevent any association with RTOERO that might hamper the delicate process of relationship building the organization is focused on.

RTOERO’s advocacy methods:
Letters on behalf of RTOERO members to local, provincial and federal government
Meetings with elected officials from all parties and all levels of government Responding to government consultations
Opposition outreach
Research and education
Public statements or media campaigns
Participation in or support for public awareness campaigns
Participation in coalitions

RTOERO believes in a better future, together. The approach to advocacy is a key way in which we’re working toward that better future – through relationship-building and collaboration with all governments and political parties.


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