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Our resident contact on insurance coverage is: 

Bert Phills - bert.phills@sympatico.ca

If you need clarification on any aspect of insurance coverage, send Bert an email.
The provincial website explains the various insurance options available to RTO/ERO members.
Chart comparing differences between RTO/ERO insurance plan and RTIP 4000 plan (click)

Follow the latest information on Covid-19 vaccine for Lambton County Need a New Doctor?  Try www.rapidsfhteam.ca or Lambton Health Unit

Free drop-in Flu Shots
For a complete list of clinic locations and dates at other Lambton County communities, visit the department website at www.lambtonhealth.on.ca



www.healthcanada.gc.ca  The Health Canada website offers 50,000 pages of plain language, easy-to-find facts and figures to help Canadians make more informed decisions about health. Also try www.canadian-health-network.ca


Recently, it came to the attention of the Provincial Office that the Government of Ontario, through its Retail Sales Tax Branch, offers a refund of the retail sales tax paid on new or used motor vehicles purchased or leased on a long-term basis (12 months or longer) for the purpose of transporting a person with a permanent physical disability.

To qualify, the purchaser must be one of the following:
     - the person with a permanent physical disability who bought the
        vehicle for his/her own transportation
     - a member of the family or same-sex partner of the person with a
       permanent physical disability, and the motor vehicle must be
       purchased for the purpose of providing transportation for the person
       with the disability; the person with the disability must not own or lease 
       a motor vehicle
     - principal caregivers, if the person with the personal physical disability
       does not have a member of the family who is willing to provide
       transportation for that person

A person with a permanent physical disability is a resident of Ontario and defined as someone who is permanently deprived of the use of an arm or leg; whose mobility is permanently restricted to the use of a wheelchair, crutches, braces or other devices designed to assist mobility, for example, a walker; or whose permanent visual acuity in both eyes is permanently less than 20 degrees.

Refunds are limited to the actual amount of the sales tax paid up to a maximum of $2400 for vans or a maximum of $1600 for all other motor vehicles. An application for reimbursement must be received within four years of the date the sales tax was paid. 

For further information, including an application for refund, contact the Ontario Ministry of Finance at 1-877-482-9329 or visit www.trd.fin.gov.on.ca


 Canadian Red Cross First Aid and CPR courses 

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NORWALK VIRUS INFORMATION Doctors with Waiting Lists
in Sarnia/Lambton
  Travel Insurance Coverage Alert: 
This alert applies to members covered under Board Plans: 
If you plan to travel outside of province, check with your Board to make sure you are covered with "out of province coverage". Some Boards have dropped this coverage for retired teachers without alerting them. It's a surprise you'd rather avoid. While you are talking to them, ask if there have been any other changes to the retired teachers' plan; especially items dropped.
Remember that the Extended Health coverage of Johnson Insurance (RTO)
provides CANCELLATION INSURANCE in case of illness or other emergency!!
A Canadian health site full of information and other health links.


The Canadian Health Network

CHN is Canada's national network of health information providers. This site gives you easy access to health information you can trust from over 500 organizations across Canada. Click here to go.



The Johnson Inc.
Internet Site
Click here to get started

As an RTO/ERO Member, you can now use the Internet to access and interact with your Group Benefits Program.


Income Tax and Insurance
A reminder that your health insurance premiums, including PST are tax deductible. The 15% - 20% that you pay on drugs and other medical costs are also deductible.
When sending in your claims, speed your return by avoiding the peak periods. Avoid April/May and mid December to end of February.
You do not need to attach receipts for the monthly premium, but you do need to provide the name of the underwriter which is Maritime Life Assurance Company for Johnson Insurance subscribers and also include the policy numbers:
983429 for the Semi-Private Hospital Plan; 983430 for the Extended Health Care Plan; 
983431 for the Dental Plan; 983432 for the Supplemental Plan 


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