ShelterBox is an international disaster relief organization specializing in the provision of emergency shelter. ShelterBox responds instantly to earthquake, volcano, flood, hurricane, cyclone, tsunami or conflict by delivering boxes of aid containing a family tent and lifesaving equipment directly to families that have been left homeless or displaced. Learn more about ShelterBox Canada at www.shelterboxcanada.org

ShelterBox allows students to learn about countries and cultures across the world, about natural disasters and provide a great opportunity to tie into existing classroom activities. Most importantly, students of all ages learn about being a global citizens and how they can make a difference to someone who has lost everything due to disaster.

We are looking for dedicated volunteers to help introduce ShelterBox to schools across Canada, either at the elementary school or high school level, or both! We are looking for people across Canada who are motivated self-starters and are interested in becoming a ShelterBox Ambassador and working to promote our School Programs at schools in their communities.

Ambassadors Responsibilities:

·        Work to engage local schools – with a focus on any school level - Elementary or High School

·        Aim to reach out to around 10 schools over the course of the year to take part in a ShelterBox School Programs and connecting through contact like principals, teachers, student groups or parents

·        Register schools to come on board and engage them take part in fundraising activities for ShelterBox, with a goal of each school sponsoring a minimum of one ShelterBox ($1000)

·        Work with Schools to support ShelterBox initiatives and events, delivering presentations in classrooms, at assemblies or at special events and acting as the ShelterBox contact for schools in your community!


We are happy to provide Ambassadors with training resources and tools as a part of their orientation, as well as presentation and display materials, copies of our Young ShelterBox program for elementary schools and our Youth Resources for teens so that you are armed with exciting tools for all ages.   We also provide ongoing support and updates about ShelterBox’s ongoing work around the world.

If you are interested in this volunteer opportunity, please follow this link to our online application form: ShelterBox School Ambassador Application Form

If you would like information about other volunteer opportunities with ShelterBox Canada, please email support@shelterboxcanada.org