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Remember filling out a register: Do you remember keeping a register of attendance for your class. It was required that you use a fountain pen. If you made a mistake filling out the register, you had to use two solutions to remove the ink and then blot the page before making the correction.....
Dress code for teachers: Do you remember when the ladies spent many a lunch hour discussing who would be the first to wear a pant suit to school. This went on for weeks. At the time it was thought inappropriate for teachers to dress casually. The ladies wanted the comfort and practicality of the pant suit. I can clearly remember the day that three on our staff came in wearing pant suits. Good for them. It took a lot of nerve. When did this take place??  It was the early 70's.....

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Retirement Remarks
Ruth Ann Windover  submitted this speech which she along with Angie Manuel and Betsy Reid delivered at a retirement meeting of the Lambton FWTAO. Although it is quite long, it is filled with "Remember Whens" and appears in its entirety on another page.
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I remember when we had to use a jelly pad to duplicate items....this involved mixing up a solution and pouring it on a cookie sheet....waiting until it hardened....and then drawing or printing the article we wished to duplicate with a special pencil.......then each copy had to be placed on the pad and rubbed until the picture appeared on the paper......the papers then had to dry with a weight on them because they curled up so badly......  it was far easier to write things on the blackboard than to duplicate them.....   When the duplicating machine came on board with its stencils I was easy to we have copiers that do everything for us.........great changes have occurred in 40 years.....      Brian Boucher
I remember when all public elementary students were dismissed at 11:50 a.m. and went home for lunch. The afternoon school session didn't begin until 1:20 p.m. It was great! Teachers could actually enjoy a relaxed lunch at the school or even go out for lunch if they desired. Teachers also left the school at this time to go to the bank because banks closed by 3:00 p.m. everyday and were not open on Saturdays. Schools didn't dismiss until 4:00 p.m. Sometimes teachers would leave the school to pay a bill or even shop for a few groceries so they wouldn't have to stop at the grocery store on their way home from work. There was also time to mark books, put work on the blackboard for afternoon subjects, display work on a bulletin board and even do your register at the end of the month. Both the students and teachers were more refreshed because they really had a break from each other. Those were the days!         Carol Pavey