Pictures of some of the poinsettia recipients over the years.

- delivered by Audrey and Bernie Hendrickson, Anne Wilton, Marianne Nichols, Heather Crawford, Marie McNally, John Morrison, Jane Stevenson, Gail Gilroy, Chuck St. Louuis
 Pat Poland,  Stephanie Abercrombie,  Betty Carson, Linda Smith, Theresa van Koeverden, JoAnne Marshall, Rick and Phyllis Clements, Kathy Bandla, Carolyn Callaghan,

48 flowers were delivered, 7 flowers were delivered by florists in other communities as well as several cards mailed



Catherine Heffernan 2013

Marian Douey 2011

Joyce Skuce 2010


Audrey Hendrickson Delivery Chairperson 2010-2013 Bagging Poinsettias at Prail's