Retired Teachers Join RTO/ERO

We wish your retired lifestyle be as rewarding as it has been for those of us who are members of the Retired Teachers of Ontario (RTOERO).

The members of District 38 (Lambton) are hopeful that you will seriously consider joining our organization which consists of around 1200 locally and over 82000 retired education workers throughout Canada.

There are many advantages to belonging beyond being a member of the RTO/ERO Health Plans which are designed to give the best possible coverage for the greatest number of participants at the most competitive rates. Our health plan is run by members of RTO/ERO.

All retired teachers benefit from a well supported organization that can and does act on their behalf on an ongoing basis on matters of major importance to them. A well supported organization is able to deal with crisis situations if and when necessary.

Local newsletters are issued to keep you in touch with what is going on not only socially but also politically in your local area as well as at the provincial level. The actions that local and provincial representatives are taking to voice concerns which you have as a citizen and as a retiree are outlined. Member input to these representatives is strongly encouraged.

We have, as mentioned, a considerable number of social events throughout the year that enable you to keep in contact with former colleagues and to make new acquaintances. These events are very well attended and are most enjoyable. If you were educated in Lambton, chances are good that you will meet one of your teachers that you haven't seen since attending his/her class.

Retired teachers from all four of the teacher affiliates are members of RTO/ERO.

You will be proud to be part of an organization which recognizes its older members during regular visits and at special times of the year. You may also consider  getting involved in making the life of someone else a bit brighter and happier.

We sincerely hope that you become a member and support those who are working on your behalf.

There is no cost to join Lambton District RTO/ERO.

Please remember, membership in RTO/ERO is not automatic upon retirement; an application must be forwarded to the Provincial Office. Call or send an email to the local president, Bert Phills 519-869-2036; or for the appropriate form.

The annual provincial membership fee is $70 per year.  This is payable to RTO - Retired Teachers of Ontario.