Community Involvement
District 38
Carewatch Lambton Initiated

Carewatch Lambton became a reality at a public meeting held at the Lambton Health Unit on Tuesday, January 21,1999. Many people, with an interest in the availability and quality of long term care, were present to discuss this new initiative. Presentations were made and much discussion ensued.

Some of the topics discussed were:

- the history leading up to the inception of Carewatch Lambton    - statistics showing present and future need for long term care      in the Lambton area
- the need for continued advocacy for quality care and service
- the need to monitor the quality of care provided
- the determination of current interest in initiating Carewatch

It was decided that Carewatch Lambton would be formed to:

- work in conjunction with the local CCAC to broaden the scope     of representation within the community
- help make the public aware of the CCAC
- monitor the quality of care
- evaluate the appropriateness of services
- identify gaps and inadequacies in the system
- become a catalyst for change

Those in attendance were assured that this would not become an adversary group. Carewatch Lambton would work in concert with the CCAC in the best interest of the recipients. One of the new Carewatch Lambton board's purposes would be to help the public become aware of the CCAC and its mandate.

A 12 member Board of Directors was nominated at this meeting. Its make up comprises advocates for those receiving long term care, and other concerned citizens. An advisory committee was approved as well, consisting of service providers and other health care professionals who would advise the Carewatch Lambton board.

CCAC board has publicly stated that its members are willing to work with Carewatch Lambton. With this joint spirit of cooperation, the long term care recipients of Lambton County can only benefit.

A follow up public meeting of Carewatch Lambton will be held within the next six months.

Submitted at RTO's request
Loretto B. Cameron