Poinsettia Delivery
In addition to a brief visit, poinsettias are delivered to each of the following in early December.


 Dorothy Acton, Elisabeth Bakker, Pat Baldwin, June Bannister, Elie Bergeron, Bob Brennan, Carolyn Brown, Helen Cassidy, Kathryn Charbonneau, Jackie Coulbeck,  William (Bill) Danylchuk, Laura Davidson,  Marian Douey, Joan Downie, Caroline Fera, Helen and Pat Heisler,  Catherine Heffernan, Joan Hinch, Clara Hodgson, Virginia Hunt, Vera Johnston,  Dennis Lamb, Germaine LePage, Fran Lewis, Arthur Lloyd, Wilma Love, Joan MacDonald, Margaret MacDonald, Marg Manser, Jim Martel, Doris McArthur, Helen McGuire, James  Miller, Marion Mummery, Helen Mutton, Margaret Nicholai, Gene Nishimura, Elsie Robbins, June Rooney, Joyce Skuce, Gerry Sprenger, Erleine Stephens, Julius Szabo, Audrey Wagner, Doris Withenshaw, Modris (Moe) Zandsberg

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The above retired teachers would welcome a visit from you. Please contact Audrey Hendrickson for their addresses and any other details you require. 519 541 1747